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Pink Gives Frightening Account of Her Experience with Coronavirus

Pink’s Horrific Story About Her COVID 19 Experience

Pink’s Horrific tale about her encounter with COVID 19.

The novel Coronavirus  has infected many people across the globe. A majority of the celebrities who got tested and were proven potential carriers of this virus are opening up and sharing their stories with the media. The purpose behind being vocal about their experience is to educate people, not to frighten them. In the music industry, the most recent reported case of Coronavirus was that of the famous singer Pink. Pink and her son were tested positive, and their story wasn’t a pretty one.

Pink Tested Positive for Coronavirus

In her recent revelations, the American Pop sensation told people that her three year old son tested positive for coronavirus before her. While speaking about her experience with COVID 19, the 40 year old singer revealed that her virus was a silent one. It wasn’t until a week after her son had a fever that she herself began to feel sick. She further added that everything seemed fine, and her symptoms seemed pretty normal. However, she did have difficulty breathing, and that is when she became suspicious.

After she was tested positive, she interacted with her fans through a video call. The video call was initiated by Ellen DeGeneres, a famous celebrity. Pink says she was lucky for having access to testing facilities, which in her opinion is the only way to fight the vicious pandemic. With new cases being reported every day, it seems as if the US is the new hotspot for the spread of COVID 19 after China.

According to Pink, this experience was the most abnormal and scariest thing she has ever experienced during her life. She’s still amazed at how silently this virus infects a person, and the symptoms don’t become evident until a few weeks.

On the show, she told Ellen DeGeneres, “In hindsight it all makes sense, but when it’s happening, it’s such a weird experience, you just don’t put it together until after the fact, or until days go by.”

After being tested positive for Coronavirus, Pink made a significant donation to the health and medical industry as a gesture of kindness and to show her appreciation for their services during these desperate times.

Besides Pink, many other famous people have contracted the virus, including Tom Hanks and his wife. Their news trended on social media for several weeks. While quarantining in Australia, the couple continued to share their updates via social media, thus increasing awareness about this contagious virus.

Pink’s experience with the virus should be a lesson for all of us to stay at home and to take precautionary measures to stop the spread of the virus. After all, the virus is very real and very dangerous.

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